Nothing is undruggable

By bringing together innovators in emerging technologies, Talus Bio is unlocking transcription factor therapeutics for cancer.

We are building first-in-class drugs that target previously undruggable transcription factors. Our platform uses automated biology, next-gen proteomics, synthetic chemistry, and computation to engineer and interrogate drugs, proteins, and genomics at an unprecedented scale.

Talus Bio

We have built the first platform to target transcription factors in their native cellular environments

We bring together functional proteomics, automated biology, and machine learning to discover drugs for challenging targets in live human cells. To start, we are finding new treatments for rare, incurable childhood cancers driven by genome regulators.

Our Technology

We have built a platform that enables drug discovery and development for previously undruggable genome regulators.


Drug Pipeline

Innovations in automated cell processing, next-gen proteomics, and advanced data analytics to measure a drug's effect on the entire regulome.

Our Team

Our team are pioneers in proteomics-first drug discovery for transcription factors, with >6,800 citations, 50% PhD scientists, and two "40-under-40" proteomicists