Multiplexed Assays for the Rational Modulation Of Transcription Factors

Our platform discovers first-in-class small molecules capable of modulating previously undruggable transcription factors, optimizing them to achieve high potency and selectivity while minimizing toxicity.
Talus Bioscience

Drugging Transcription Factors

Our enabling technology is the adaptation of functional proteomics for early-stage discovery and small molecule development. Most drugs target proteins, and functional proteomics approaches open a new avenue for studying protein function in live, unmodified human cells.

Automated Transcription Factor Isolation

Our platform measures transcription factors in live cells, where these proteins fold and function natively. This enables us to measure proteins in their natural, interactive molecular environments.

Scalable Functional Proteomics

Our platform systematically measures all possible proteins in the nucleus, simultaneously, across diverse tissues. To do this, we’ve assembled a unique team of experts in high-scale protein quantification.

Artificial Intelligence

We are building machine learning models from the only database of unbiased transcription factor activity in the world to predict new targets and new chemistry for undruggable targets.

Privileged Chemistry

We have built a database of millions of compound-protein interactions from our growing internal compound database to discover privileged scaffolds for transcription factors.

The Talus Bio Advantage

Functional Proteomics

Other proteomics technologies aren't built to scale. Our approaches are designed with breadth and depth in mind, measuring all possible transcription factors across thousands of samples.

Automated sample preparation

Deep coverage of transcription factor proteins

Reproducible quantification

Infinitely scalable data analysis

Machine Learning

Data at scale requires computing to match it. Our data science team relies on machine learning approaches to process and mine our dataset for biological insights.

Cloud pipelines for processing at scale

Open-source tools for functional proteomics

Deep domain expertise

Innovative deep learning approaches for proteomics