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investigation at unprecedented scale

Meet MARMOT — Multiplexed Assays for the Rational Modulation Of Transcription Factors
MARMOT integrates new cutting-edge technologies to discover first-in-class treatments for cancer and diseases caused by transcription factor dysregulation.
Talus Bioscience

Explore protein function from a higher elevation

Bringing  new therapeutic breakthroughs within reach

Talus Bioscience’s automated, highly scalable drug discovery engine discovers first-in-class small molecules capable of modulating previously undruggable transcription factors, optimizing them to achieve high potency and selectivity while minimizing toxicity.

Transcription factor manipulation

Observe transcription factors proteins in their native cellular environment, the only place where they fold and function properly

Scalable Functional Proteomics

Systematically measure all possible proteins in the nucleus, precisely, simultaneously, across diverse tissues, with the help of Talus Bio’s high-scale protein quantification experts.

Machine learning

Unlock scale and accelerate discovery with machine learning models built from the only database of unbiased transcription factor activity in the world.

Modern chemistry

Discover privileged scaffolds for more effective transcription factor drugs equipped with our growing internal compound database, which contains millions of compound-protein interactions.

Built for scale

A Unique Approach

Our unique approaches are designed with breadth and depth in mind, measuring all possible transcription factors across thousands of samples. Data at scale with precision requires computing to match it. Our data science team applies machine learning approaches to process and mine our dataset for first-in-class TF modulators.


As we continue our climb towards unlocking transcription factors for drug discovery, we see an opportunity to cover even more ground through strategic collaboration. If you’re looking to target a transcription factor, cofactor, chromatin binder, or other genome regulator in your disease systems, we’d love to hear from you.